Finn's Finance Advice

  • In-House Bookkeeper vs. Bookkeeping Service: What's the Best Choice for Your Start-Up?

    24 October 2019

    Accurate bookkeeping is essential for start-up business owners who wish to realise growth. Bookkeeping enables you to monitor your budget and analyse your business expenditure and revenue for proper financial objections. It also helps with payroll and allows you to enjoy tax deductions. One challenge that most start-up business owners face is choosing between an in-house bookkeeper and a professional service. An in-house bookkeeper is an employee of the business while a bookkeeping service is contracted on an as-needed basis.

  • Follow These Tips When Trying to Recover Your Construction Debt

    18 November 2018

    People who are owed debt fully understand that when they are told the check is in the mail, it possibly means another long wait which ends with no cheque. The hide and seek games can be frustrating; not only to the collectors but also to the office managers and receivable managers. Here are a few ways in which you can prepare for the excuses and use wisdom to corner the delinquent customers and push them towards paying their debt.