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The 4 P's of a Business Accountant.

by Harper Snyder

Hiring a business accountant, like Marisa Gonzalez, often seems like an easy job. While most businesses and accounting firms rely on qualifications, an accountant should present much more than papers to the interview table. This article discusses the qualities that one should look out for when hiring an accountant. 


While accounting is a well-paying profession, accountants need to have a passion for their jobs. A passionate accountant will go to any lengths to ensure that the client or their employer is satisfied. For instance, the accountant would be comfortable working overtime or taking work home to ensure that he or she meets deadlines. Passionate accountants do not need any supervision in the workplace because they love their work.


Patience is an essential quality of an accountant. The business accountant needs to be patient to learn how the business runs and what the employer expects from him or her. As a new employee, the individual has to be patient to learn the various personalities in the office to create long working relationships. Preparation of financial statements, such as balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, takes quite a lot of time. Besides, there are instances when figures do not add up, and the accountant has to go over piles of paperwork to find errors.


The business accountant needs to have a sense of purpose in everything he or she does. He or she must be motivated in his or her work. The accountant could be motivated by personal factors, such as the desire to be successful or advance his or her career. External factors could include the need to be someone that can be looked up to in society or even the desire to support his or her family. Accountants with a sense of purpose focus on what matters. They find new ways of addressing the various challenges they face while working, hence they can quickly identify new opportunities. 


An accountant needs to be positive about life and his or her career. An accountant with a sense of positivity is not afraid to face new challenges at the workplace. He or she easily takes leadership roles and positively inspires other employees at the workplace. Positive people nurture their happiness by exploring various hobbies such as games, travelling or even helping the needy. As such employers should not be afraid of hiring candidates that have interests or hobbies that are not accounting related. 

The primary qualities to look for when hiring an accountant are; passion, patience, purpose and positivity.